“It’s through diversity that we note our differences, However, it’s through dialogue we gain respect and appreciation for those differences!”       Don Logan


After 30 years of public service, Don retired from the City of Scottsdale in November, 2007.    He began his career with the City of Scottsdale as a Traffic Engineering Technician.  During his tenure, he served as the City’s Parking Violation Hearing Officer, Development Services Manager, and Executive Assistant to the City Manager. During the last 10 years of his Scottsdale career, he served as the Office of Diversity & Dialogue Director.  In May, 2009, Don accepted a part-time role as Diversity Administrator for the City of Glendale.  In this role, he serves as a member of the senior executive leadership team and mentor to the employee citywide diversity committee.  Don’s extensive background in building diversity initiatives assists him and his Glendale colleagues in advancing the City of Glendale’s diversity efforts.  Most recently, Don was instrumental in advancing the City of Glendale’s performance management program by incorporating diversity as one of an employee’s core competencies.  This change requires diversity to be included in every employee’s annual performance evaluation. 

In his role as the Director of the Office Diversity & Dialogue at the City of Scottsdale, Don served as a liaison to the community and Scottsdale employees in addressing diversity challenges.  The creation of that Office was the first of its kind for a municipality in the state of Arizona, and one of the first in the nation.   Under Don’s leadership, the Office served as the catalyst for the city-wide diversity initiative.  Staff was instrumental in establishing an employee diversity advisory committee who worked with the newly establish citizen Human Relations Commission in assessing diversity efforts.  The approach taken to integrate diversity into the organization and community included a three-pronged approach:  employee relations, community outreach, and education & training.  Don partnered with Human Resources and legal staff in responding to complex employee relation issues.  He served as the liaison to the community in cultivating relationships to ensure there was a diversified response to City recruitments, procurement, and case management of employee relation matters.  Don also conducted training workshops for employees and community forums designed to enhance participants’ appreciation and understanding of diversity.  His office was also responsible for implementing the City’s first “cross-cultural communication” panel discussions that provided a forum for citizens and employees to engage in a civil dialogue about different cultures.  Under Don’s direction, the City is proud of the cultural programming implemented by the Office.  Some of these celebrations include the annual MLK community dinner, Hispanic Heritage Community Festival celebration, Juneteenth Luncheon celebration, Cesar Chavez Community Breakfast, and the Gay/Straight Alliance Employee Resource Group activities.

In February, 2004, in his capacity of Director of the Diversity & Dialogue Office, Don was the target of a mail bomb attack.  It was discovered later that the motive behind the attack was hatred, resulting in the arrest of two twin brothers believed to be white supremacists.  These perpetrators are awaiting trial scheduled to occur in the coming months.  Although this incident is a reminder that there is still much hatred in our country, Don refuses to be intimidated by the cowardly act.  He continues to be an advocate for diversity by encouraging the creation of an environment of respect and inclusiveness.

Don is a native of South Phoenix and resides in Chandler.  He is a current Board Member and Past President of the Scottsdale-based Community Celebrating Diversity (CCD) organization.  Other community activities include:  Past-President and founding member of Community Excellence Project (CEP); Past President of Scottsdale Leadership, Inc.; Arizona Hate Crime Advisory Board; Past Chair of the Chandler Human Relations Commission; Chair of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce LINKS Committee; and is a 1999/2000 ASU Community Fellow.  In both 2001 and 2003, Don was a recipient of the NAACP's Roy Wilkins Public Service Award.  Under Don’s leadership, the City of Scottsdale was also a winner of the 2003 Greater Phoenix Workplace Diversity Award.

Don currently serves on the Scottsdale Leadership Advisory Board and former Governor Napolitano’s African-American Advisory Council.  In 2004, he was recognized by the Associated Minority Contractors of America with the Advocate of the Year Award.  In 2005, he was recognized by the NAACP with its Image of the Year for Civil Rights Award and by the Alpha Phi Alpha organization with the Thurgood Marshall Merit AwardIn 2008, he was recognized by the National Forum for Black Public Administrators with the Marks of Excellence Award. In 2010, Don was recognized with Scottsdale’s MLK Diversity Champion Award and in Phoenix; he was awarded the Calvin C. Goode MLK Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2011, he was recognized by the Arizona Interfaith Movement with the Community Golden Rule Award.

Don currently serves as President of Don Logan & Associates, LLC.  He oversees a practice committed to providing consulting services related to diversity awareness training, employee relation resolutions, mediation, facilitation, team building, and motivational speaking.  He is often a featured speaker on college campuses, corporate agencies, commencement exercises, and national training conferences.  He is authoring a memoir reflecting on his 30-year career as a public official and benefits of maintaining a positive attitude.  Don is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Institute for Public Executives, and is an ASU Community Fellow.  In his spare time, Don officiates high school and college basketball games.  He is married with two sons.